Hi! Welcome to Naturally Nova.

I currently sell bath bombs. I like to keep things simple so I only sell four types at the moment but I plan to expand into other natural cosmetics and body products in the future.

My step Dad, who helped me set up this website and who is the most awesome step Dad a girl could ever hope to have, is a big fan of Prince the singer and musician so he suggested we name the bath bombs in some way to pay homage to Prince after he died.

That’s why the four bath bombs we currently sell are named:


  1. Engaged In A Kiss – a Goji Berry bath bomb.

  2. Black Day, Stormy Night – a Blackberry bath bomb.

  3. God Made A Girl – a Vanilla bath bomb; and

  4. Purple Reign – a Lavender bath bomb.

Prince fans will know why they are called by those names.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy my bath bombs which are perfect for creating a relaxing combination of aromatic delight in either your bath or shower in winter or summer alike!

What Is A Bath Bomb?

For those that do not already know, a bath bomb is, in our case at least, a little ball made up of food grade sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda), citric acid, fragrances and essential oils that fizzes and bubbles releasing an aromatic combination of soothing and calming fragrances and essential oils when it is dropped in a bathful of water or placed on the floor during your shower.

For anyone who wants to unwind or simply relax and enjoy a long bath or shower to de-stress or just to pamper yourself, bath bombs are the perfect way to achieve any of these aims.


My name is Nova Romha, the owner of Naturally Nova. I finished high school in 2016 inĀ  Perth, Western Australia where I live. I was not sure what I wanted to do so my AWESOME step Dad suggested I learn how to sell stuff on the internet.

Because he is so cool he set up my website and got me going. My step Dad is the best! Ever! Thanks Phil, the coolest GANGSTA, bucket hat wearing old man I’ve ever known!

And here I am now, learning everything I can about internet marketing so I can start selling bath bombs and begin to sell other products when I am ready.


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